It simplifies life, it allows long product shelf life, it is easy to use: ITAP revolutionizes with simplicity.

We combine technology, design and quality to create a tap that not only allows you to easily dose any type of liquid, but also allows you to store it for a long time.

We are proud to be the first and, at the moment, the only ones to have realized a CARBON BLACK-FREE version of this tap. We did it because we want to be sustainable. The black plastic packs are a challenge for the recycling process because the NIR (Near-Infrared) sensors, used to detect the material in the selection phase, cannot correctly identify plastics containing the colour carbon black and, hence, recycle them. The development of this special material makes the black plastic visible to infrared rays and it can therefore be recycled correctly.

The ECO NATURAL version with a white body, which is also totally recyclable, is also available. A choice that gives this plastic a second life.


ITAP taps can be applied to all commercially available bag-in-boxes containing different types of liquids, such as wine, fruit juices, and edible oils.


ITAP has been subjected to multiple conditions of stress and use, such as sudden changes in temperature, excessive light, high humidity and pressure, but it always offers an excellent performance, placing it at the top of the rangec.


It allows the contents of the bag-in-box to be preserved for a long time because it offers the most powerful barrier against the oxidation of liquids, unique in its market. Moreover, its conformation prevents even the slightest dripping.


Contents of each type of bag-in-box are safe with ITAP. Hermetically sealed, no leaks, no drips.


Our tap can be turned on either by using both flaps or just one.


Design, production and assembly of products are Made in Italy. The raw materials are all of quality and certified in BRC environment.

RESEARCH ON DETAILS, very easy to use.

Reinforced safety flap to prevent accidental creasing and getting stuck in the production, in the filling line and in the packaging of BIBs.
The tap can be activated with both or only one flap, without affecting the functionality in any way.


Each tap can be customized in the company colour and with the mould of the company logo. You only need a certain number of products and a unique production batch. Once the cost of the mould has been incurred, it will be sufficient to order the number of taps required.